「Save the bears! Imagine what a shame it will be when our grandchildren don't know that their favorite Teddy bear was modeled after a real animal.」(Japanna:United States of America)
「TV、新聞の「熊出没、人に怪我、射殺」このニュースに、胸がキリキリと。なぜ?なぜそんなに簡単に殺してしまうのですか?と。野生動物が山から、森から出てこざるを得ない背景を考えて!そんな思いの時に、この「熊森」を知ることができました。ありがとうございます。今、私に何ができるか・・そうだ!まずこの活動を多くの方に知ってもらおうと、【Shop by K.i.】のメルマガ読者(2000人程度ですが)と、ブログ読者に「熊森・URL」をご紹介させていただきました。近じか、会員にも登録をと考えています。」(黄色の薔薇子:京都府)
「It is not too late to save Japan's bears, other wildlife and the eco systems. Please act now and don't let the chance pass. With one species gone everything else will be thrown into turmoil as has happened again and again. Please ensure a law to protect Japan's wildlife and eco systems is introduced as a matter of urgency. All the money in the world can't revive a species once it is extinct and ultimately this will affect us humans just as much. We have a duty to save this planet we live on for future generations」(Maren:United Kingdom)